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Classes are now ongoing at

the First United Methodist Church,

Pantigo Rd. in East Hampton village,

across from CVS.


Mondays 8:30 - Core Plus

Wednesdays 8:30 - Intervals

Thursdays 8:30 - Core Plus

Fridays 8:30 - Cardio Styles

*See class descriptions below*

All classes are one hour unless otherwise indicated.



single class:  $35

10-class series: $265

Venmo, Zelle, check or cash (no credit cards)


Signature hand-picked playlists accompany classes in a wide range of styles including funk, Latin, soca, hip hop, gospel, jazz, NOLA, rock, pop, blues and more. You'll find yourself focused, energized and entertained.



beginning November 2023:



Sundays 11:00 a.m.


Please contact us for details.


Jamie has offered her signature Core Plus™ and Core Power™ classes locally at Mandala Yoga, One Ocean Yoga and Springs Yoga (among other venues), where students have often reported direct benefits from these classes in their yoga practice, bringing new awareness and capabilities.

Core Plus™

Also known as Fit for Practice, this class increases strength throughout the body with emphasis on the core, improves flexibility, alignment and balance, and develops awareness and use of the breath. Free weights are used, ankle weights are available, and the stability ball is sometimes incorporated as an option. The method creates leaner lines, looser joints, better posture, and can reduce chronic pain and other limitations. Heighten your awareness of how you're using your body, moment to moment, throughout your daily life. 

Cardio Styles

An aerobic dance-style workout, moving to all kinds of music (Latin, funk, hip hop, African, rock, pop, gospel, jazz and R&B). Unlike spinning, running, or boot camp-style workouts, you'll find a wide and varied range of movements and rhythms, offering excellent mind/body training! No dance background needed. Concludes with abdominal strength training and stretch. Have fun working out!


Brief intervals of cardio alternating with upper body weight training concluding with abdominal strength training and stretch. Get the benefits of interval fitness along with an excellent opportunity to become familiar with dance cardio in shorter segments, gradually building endurance and confidence.

Stability Ball 

The big ball provides unique opportunities to improve strength, balance, agility and coordination. Because it is inherently unstable, we learn to recruit muscles symmetrically and dramatically improve core power, awareness and control.  There's often laughter too.


Loosen joints, lengthen lines, release tension, improve posture, develop awareness and control of breath. By identifying the physical habits that create problems for you, you can move toward less physical restriction and a body that looks and feels better. Relax, refresh, enjoy. 

Dance Break 

A light-hearted, full-bodied dance class with different music & movement styles each week: Latin, hip hop, salsa, lyrical jazz, gospel, funk and more. Warm up, learn the choreography step by step, and dance! Emphasis on fun; no training or experience necessary (but both welcome). Wear dance footwear, or indoor-only sneakers, or go barefoot.

Semi-private classes and private training are also available at HARBOR STUDIO in Springs

in summer, spring and fall.

One on one, or groups of

maximum 4 people.

Design your own class, or let Jamie help you choose a program.

Book one session or a series for your own group.

You can also join an ongoing group when space is available.

Classes and workshops are held at other locations from time to time.

Contact us for details.

…her classes are more challenging, yet safer, and exercise the brain as well as the body…I leave feeling invigorated and alive!

- Sarnell Ogus, Alexander Technique master instructor

Jamie is on the cutting edge at the same time as she refrains from the merely faddish…

- Virginia Tiger, PhD

I love Jamie's class; it is terse and wise and fun....she teaches us all to love to move.

- Julie B., writer

The weakest link had been my posture…Since Jamie…I am cognizant of where I am in space…This new posture helps my marathon runs…Jamie’s training is based on her knowledge of anatomy and physiology and not on jargon from cyberspace pieced together from the Internet.

- June O'Reilly, DDS

Jamie Lerner rocks! I so needed her class.

- Bruce Weed, tech consultant

 Jamie has motivated me, entertained me, and taught me more in one year than I had learned in ten.

- Miranda Book, Harper-Collins

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