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private in-home training

take care of yourself

flexibility, strength, alignment, cardio fitness, core power

in the hamptons

in-home private training • size-limited group studio classes • indoors, outdoors, Zoom


* feel better, look better, move better* 


*seniors welcome*

About the Technique

Functional ability and well-being are improved by increasing muscle strength and tone, developing flexibility, and improving alignment and balance, enhancing our ability to make conscious choices about how we sit, stand, move, live. Emphasis on core strength, breath control, and kinesthetic awareness leads to greater agility, grace and power.


Clients and students are encouraged to seek challenge, while avoiding injury. Incorporating elements of Pilates, yoga, fitness conditioning, P.T., and other lesser-known influences, Jamie has developed a comprehensive method that is effective, rewarding, and integrates body, mind and hopefully spirit.


2024 UPDATE:  As a senior herself,  Jamie is getting to know the aging process firsthand.  In both her group classes and private training practice, she works with many seniors of varying abilities and limitations, and has become known for her supportive, adaptable approach.


About Jamie Lerner

Named “Best Female Trainer in the Hamptons” three times by Dan’s Papers, Jamie has been teaching studio classes and training clients privately on the East End since 1992. She studied dance for seventeen years in New York, Boston and San Francisco, and received professional theater training in the MFA program at Brandeis University and at The American Center for the Performing Arts in the Acting & Directing program which included commedia del arte, maskwork, clowning, mime, fencing, Alexander, Feldenkrais, and movement-based theater improvisation techniques.

In addition to professional acting and playwriting, she choreographed for theater in New York and elsewhere, and has been a practitioner of aerobics and strength training since 1980. Her familiarity with yoga and Pilates also informs her work. With this extensive and varied background in movement systems and philosophies as well as contemporary fitness practice, Jamie has developed an approach that is widely adaptive. She believes in the ability of all individuals to get happier with the bodies they’re in, and takes pride in having remarkably diverse student and client populations. The creator of Teen Funk™ and KAT: Kinesthetic Awareness Training,™ Jamie has helped many hundreds of people look, feel, and move better.

“Jamie pays attention. She pays attention to me and my challenges, new developments in the world of exercise and to total fitness. Working out with Jamie gives me strength of body, mind and spirit. She never sacrifices one for the other. She devotes her energy to lifting those around her to new levels of achievement with knowledge, personal attention, and humor. People tell me I’m looking good. I say thank you Jamie.”

- Toni Ross, Nick and Toni’s Restaurant

“Jamie is the best trainer available today on the East End and one of the top in the NYC area…excels both in class and private training…with patience, energy, flexibility, enthusiasm and humor. Anybody fortunate enough to train with Jamie will experience a life change…both physically and mentally.”

- Elizabeth Peabody, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Contact Us

Jamie Lerner Fitness and Dance

East Hampton, NY 11937


Landline: 631-604-1462 

Mobile:  631-377-2189




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